The Law of Opposites

Plus: Google launches AlphaFold 3, Microsoft's 500B parameter model, OpenAI partners with Stack Overflow, What your customers care about and much more...

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The Law of Opposites

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There is no success without failure.

There is no happiness without sadness.

Everything we feel, experience, and strive for as ambitious humans is given meaning because of its opposite.

Accepting this fact—that for every success in life, there will be one, if not multiple, failures or losses—will lead to a happy life.

Additionally, embracing failures and losses (and learning from them) will lead to success in whatever your chosen arena.

From Articles I Read

Source: Google

The model extends its capability from its predecessor by accurately predicting the structures of all life’s molecules. This could change life as we know it. AlphaFold 3’s ability to predict interactions between protein structures and other molecules, like DNA and RNA, could drastically accelerate new drug discovery and disease treatment.

Luca’s take: The launch of AlphaFold 3 has proven to the market that Google remains a force to be reckoned with in AI.

Curing cancer aside, observing Google’s release strategy has been fascinating. The model is available for non-commercial use on the AlphaFold server without access to its source code.

Clearly, Google is betting big on monetizing the model through Isomorphic Labs. Remember, make it proprietary when you’re ahead and open-source when you’re behind. Google is executing this strategy to a tee.


Internally referred to as MAI-1, this is Microsoft’s first in-house (and largest) AI model since it invested in OpenAI and acqui-hired Mustafa Suleyman from Inflection AI to spearhead the Microsoft AI division.

Luca’s take: With the model’s size and complexity of training data, this is Microsoft’s best attempt yet to create its own product that can compete with state-of-the-art models like GPT-4 and Claude. The size of Satya’s vision for Microsoft’s AI ambitions never ceases to amaze me. MAI-1 and the smaller open-source Phi models will make products like Bing and Azure even more powerful, driving further value to Microsoft’s market cap.

Source: SciNews

When Google and Microsoft make AI announcements, OpenAI usually follows closely behind. This week, they announced a partnership with Stack Overflow, the biggest developer Q&A website, aiming to provide ChatGPT with access to its extensive technical knowledge base.

Luca’s take: It’s been found that an AI model’s ability to reason accurately through code generation generally makes the model smarter overall. Zuck confirmed this when reflecting on a shortcoming in Llama’s early training methodology. So, I find this move from OpenAI a masterful strategic move. Not only will it enhance ChatGPT’s (and Stack Overflow’s) developer experience, but the access to the treasure trove of technical data will undoubtedly make OpenAI’s models smarter in the long run.

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Notion is my second brain, personal operating system and content catalogue.

It’s the engine driving my efforts with this newsletter and my No-Code/AI product development—from brainstorming ideas and writing drafts to hosting databases and coding.

With their community-driven templates for your personal or professional goals, Notion is the canvas for your ideas to come to life.

The icing on the cake is that the Notion team ships—their AI features give your workspace intelligence and will, in turn, allow you and your team to ship faster.

Quote I’m Pondering

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”

— Khalil Gibran

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