Anything Can Be Learned

Apple's Blockbuster Gamble Misfires, Ryan Holiday's 23 pieces of career advice, Don't be fake Steve Jobs and much more...

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Anything Can Be Learned

When learning something new, we will inevitably encounter obstacles.

The graph below sums up the classic learning curve.

There are multiple peaks and troughs on the path to becoming an expert in anything, some more disconcerting than others.

Our biggest challenge is continuing in the “What was I thinking? This is hard” and “I know nothing” phases.

The saving grace in today’s world with the internet is that there’s probably someone who has walked this path before—probably many thousands.

Many of those people would likely have documented their own learning curves on Twitter or YouTube.

So, when you’re in those troughs, facing endless challenges and feeling like you know nothing, remember that there are countless resources on the Internet to help you along the way.

You just have to find them.

What I consumed this week…

…From around the web

Work like this will be incredibly important going forward as AI models become more and more capable.

Understanding the model’s limits, essentially how bad it could become with the correct fine-tuning, is highly important in building safeguards into the model.

The study’s scariest takeaway for me was that once the deceptive behaviour was built in, removing it from the model was nearly impossible.

Apple spent $700 million on ‘Killers of the Flower Moon,’ ‘Napoleon’ and ‘Argylle’ which collectively grossed just $466 million…

I know I’ve been having a go at Apple recently, but this headline had to be mentioned.

The movie industry is a harsh business, and Apple is off on the wrong foot in their quest to conquer Hollywood.

As movies like Oppenheimer have shown, it’s not just about getting all the A-list actors in leading roles. You have to tell great stories.

And avoid unnecessary product placements that throw the audience off.

Akira Toriyama in 1984

It’s incredibly sad to hear of the passing of any great artist.

For us who are still living, it’s a privilege to have the artist’s legacy available to us even after they are gone.

Dragon Ball will forever be remembered as the most influential Japanese comic book series.

If there’s one thing we can learn from this, it is to create more. To leave something behind once we’re gone. To make our mark on the world.

In my opinion, it’s our most important job as human beings.

…From X

…From YouTube

A different selection for this week, I know, but it’s got an incredible lesson on how to learn anything in 3 days. Worth the 20-minute watch.

The No-Code x AI Bootcamp

If you're a regular here, you’ll know I’ve been through the Bootcamp myself. I'm not big on courses, and I recommend even fewer.

That speaks volumes about this one. It was a game-changer.

I’ve always been 'almost there.’ Full of ideas, yet stuck at the starting line, watching others on Twitter launch their products and succeed.

Then, I joined the Bootcamp. It completely changed my perspective.

I discovered the true power of building with No-Code and launched my MVP in a weekend.

I’m no longer hampered by analysis paralysis and have a roadmap of ideas and products I plan to build.

If you’re feeling stuck like I was, this Bootcamp is the way to break free.

Quote I’m Pondering

"If you want to avoid criticism, create less.

If you want to avoid irrelevance, create more."

— James Clear

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